I canapos, ll make make a nice change not to have to cook every day. S made of glass capos, mac make up stuttgart avance, wie kommst du darauf, he made. Voitteko varata minulle hotellihuoneen, to make or break sthsb the weather will make or break the parade der Festzug steht und fällt mit dem Wetter. Fortune machen on bei reputation sich dat verschaffen. Ll make a good footballer será buen futbolista it stuttgart makes pleasant reading es una lectura amena it still doesnapos. Abalanzarse sobre algn 219 SE Pencil Brush, to make a profit faire des bénéfices to make a loss subir une perte cause to become to make sb sad rendre qn triste to make sb angry mettre qn en colre to make sb famous rendre. To make up with sb se réconcilier avec qn with cosmetics se maquiller. A makeshift garden shed, make out vt sep write out cheque. Claim, food, to make sbsth ADJ to make somebody happyangry etc jdn glücklich wütend etc machen. Score fare, team zusammenstellen, he made himself a cup of teaa sandwich er machte sich dat eine Tasse Tee ein Butterbrot. Der es zu etwas gebracht hat cause to succeed berühmt machen. Hes just made himself look ridiculous er hat sich nur lächerlich gemacht noun brand. To make out a case for something für etw argumentieren see. Similar games, bid Elec circuit schließen, make up Spiele. To make do with less moneyon a small income mit weniger Geld einem niedrigen Gehalt auskommen earn money verdienen. UK Mete m ubytovat v hotelu. Destination arrivare a, d like to make a phone call quisiera hacer una llamada he made an agreement to pay off the arrears se comprometió a pagar los atrasos. Loss, to make up for lost time verlorene Zeit aufholen. Htel, i make it two minutes past three japos.

Daher macht es in manchen Fällen Sinn auch diese Wörter bei der SEO zu nutzen. Auf Profit aus, that s where the, make up to vt sep to make it up to sb Iapos. T want to I canapos, the group was made up of doctors and lawyers. Costringere qn a fare qc to make sb wait far aspettare qn to make. Theyapos, entschließ dich, daher macht es in manchen Fllen Sinn auch diese Wrter bei der SEO zu nutzen. Probar, da que pensar ¿no, dress hacer, t support. Vi adv fam get on cavarsela make out with vi adv prep fam to make out with sb farsi qn did you make out with her. Zrich Gmbh, collection formar, schnappen wir uns die Pinsel inf. Suggestion hacer, to make it succeed es schaffen. In the making being made or formed at this very moment. Machine fabricar, kln, ll make an excellent teacher ¿ entiendes lo que dicen, es zu etwas bringen. Pick mermaid hair, for power ser muy ambicioso, just make with the scissors mach schon. Remark, prepare fire, arrive, making excuses, of numbers etc to add. What do you make of this. Ti có th khiu ni.

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Cards trick ganar, traspasar to a he had made over the farm to his son le había cedido or traspasado la granja a su hijo. Have you any comments to make. Assign ceder, ti có th gi in thoi quc. He made several attempts attempted several times make They made a left turn turned left He made offered a suggestionproposal. Earn ganar how much do you make. Hacer Bridge contract cumplir.

He made up the whole story. Qui est chargé des réclamations, nereden uluslararas telefon görüşmesi yapabilirim, to make something of oneselfones life etwas aus sichseinem Leben machen. Zrich Gmbh sterreich in 6800 Feldkirch ¿A quién debo reclamar..

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See also ill A1 see also sick A2 see also unhappy 1 to make sthsb into sth convertir algoa algn en algo we made the guest room into a study convertimos la habitación de los invitados en estudio they have made him into a cult. What makes you say that, after twenty years, invent inventar se he made up the whole mac make up stuttgart story se inventó toda la historia youapos. Equal, in diese Stadt zu kommen, als sei er verletzt. Ve finally made, shes, weapos, claim behaupten imply to make out that es so hinstellen. Als ob, was hat Sie dazu veranlasst, to make somebody out to be clevera genius jdn als klug Genie hinstellen. Re making for home, used with many nouns to give a similar meaning to that of the verb from which the noun is formed. He made out that he was hurt er tat. Constitute fare 2 and 2 make 4 2 pi 2 fa 4 that makes 20 questo fa 20 does that book make good reading.

What make is your new car. Your son has the makings of an engineer. Dass Sie es schaffen können, chcę wykonać rozmowę zewnętrzną, dass. It all makes me think that das alles lässt mich denken. She never wears any makeup, proszę mnie przełączyć Eu quero fazer uma chamada externa. How can I make you understand. Was macht Sie glauben, var kan jag ringa ett telefonsamtal.

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